This article is about the connection of a ToolScope to the GUI of a windows computer via network.

KOMET Brinkhaus delivers an "Installation package" with the device. It contains the "TSVNCC.EXE" file with the corresponding "TSVNCC.ini" file. These needs to be installed on the windows computer.

Copy the TSVNCC.EXE and TSVNCC.ini files onto the Windows computer in a meaningful installation directory. However, the user must have sufficient rights for the folder and all folder on the path to it. If the user only have read rights, loading the configuration file will properly fail. There is an work around in the version 20170619 and newer, which reading the V11 manual version is necessary.


Configure the TSVNCC.ini

The TSVNCC.ini contains information about the ToolScope IP and a couple of appearance options.

  • Behind "IP=", enter the ToolScope IP.  (example: "IP=")
  • Behind "Port=", enter the ToolScope Port if it runs multiply instances or got changed

The appearance  needs to be customized to the user and the Windows version.

  • DECORATE_WINDOW: Set it to 1 if the Windows should have a graphic border style
  • DEFINED_X: Set it to the start X position of the window
  • DEFINED_Y: Set it to the start Y position of the window
  • DEFINED_WIDTH: Set it to the width of the window. "-1" will use the width of the target ToolScope.
  • DEFINED_HEIGHT: Set it to the height of the window. "-1" will use the height of the target ToolScope.

There are other values for special cases, which should not be the case for this operating system.


Adjust ToolScope resolution to TSVNCC resolution

If the TSVNCC should have a defined resolution which the ToolScope can't be set to, then there is a way to changed this behaviour. The ToolScope can takeover the resolution of the TSVNCC's options. For that are to steps necessary.

In the TSVNCC.ini file, set the values for "SEND_SCREEN_LAYOUT_TO_TOOLSCOPE" to 1. Be care to not set this value for 2 clients connect to the same ToolScope. Otherwise the ToolScope cold endlessly change it resolution. Then go in the ToolScope to"Service" / "Settings" / "Display" / "Resolution", activate the option "Apply from the control panel". then the TSVNCC and the ToolScope must then be restarted.

Now the ToolScope will change its resolution to fit the TSVNCC. You can also work without this option. Then the TSVNCC tries to scale the picture, which does not look that good.


Example view of are running TSVNCC