The view "sensor values" shows all sensor values which are available for monitoring methods or measuring protocols.

The fields "Data rate" show

  • the processed data rate (internal speed target); this value is in the most cases the configured measuring frequency.  If this speed differs from the configured value and the ToolScope does not seem to try to measure faster, then the ToolScope believes that its of no use to measure faster. Most common example: the machine control tells the TooScope that the data is delivered e.g. each 12ms but the user has configured to measure with 100Hz. The ToolScope will fall back to 1sec/12ms = 83,3Hz.
  • the actual value of the processed data rate. This value may change for short time intervals.
  • the configured time warp factor, if a file impot driver is active.


The rows of the table list the available sensor signals:

Column name Content
No. Number of a signal in the sensor signal list
Hidden TODO developers: explain
Machine Machine or driver subset which delivers the sensor signal
Axis Axis to which this signal belongs
Signal Name of the signal
Unit Unit of the signal
Value Actual value of the signal