Some monitoring method of the ToolScope have an override output. This especially happens for the App TS-AFC.

Override values transferred by the ToolScope to the machine control. But: they are not necessarily observed by the control system.

This is desirable so that the controls set by the operator (e.g. override potentiometer) normally work as desired. It is up to the machine manufacturer to determine the conditions under which the control system will observe ToolScope's override value.

If KOMET® BRINKHAUS retrofits a machine tool with a ToolScope, then it generally plans the following M commands:





The ToolScope override value is applied. The ToolScope override value overlays the machine operator's value.

Example: Machine operator: 50%, ToolScope 120% 
Result: (0.5 * 1.2 = 0.6) >> 60%

This command deactivates M811.


The ToolScope feed value is generally ignored. This is the default after machine start-up or after a reset  //   .

This command deactivates M810.


Former versions of the interface suported two more M-commands:

M812: apply the override  on spindle speeds instead of the machine feed

M813: deactivate M812

Our technicians are in general able to program those two M functions. KOMET advises against this. This is no longer part of the actual installation standards.