System Requirements:


CPU:           Processor or SoC with at least 1GHz

RAM:          1GB for 32-Bit / 2GB for 64Bit

HDD:         at least 1GB free Space

OS:            Windows XP or later





You should have recieved a .exe file from the KOMET IT that is called "ToolScope_Net-V11-***-Setup.exe" or in a similar way. Please double click this file to run the setup.

After choosing a system language and installation path the setup will start copying all ToolScope_Net files into the chosen folder.







After the ToolScope_Net application was installed the setup checks your installed Java versions. If there is no v1.8 JDK (or higher) installed the setup will notice that and ask you for installing Java.




If you accept, the Java JDK installer will open. Just follow the install instructions from Java.






When you finally finished the java install setup, the ToolScope_Net installer will ask you for deleting the Java setup files. If you don't agree the setup files will remain inside the ToolScope_Net folder where you installed it.





After you installed /skiped the Java installation you'll be asked if you want ToolScope_Net be installed as a Windows service. If you select "Yes" ToolScope_net will be installed as a normal desktop aplication. If you vote "No" ToolScope_Net will be installed as a Windows service and will start it's self on every Windows start up. If you choose "Cancel" the installation setup will be abord and delets all the data that have been copied by it before.





How to check executed Java version:


If you want to find out the Java version ToolScope_Net was started with, simply take a look inside Setting->Komet Brinkhaus.



When you start with a 64-Bit java version this message will appear.




Trouble shooting:


If you have installed a JDK 64Bit version as standart and want to change it into 32Bit, you'll need to do the folowing steps. This also works the other way round. (Please install a 32Bit java version before)














Now simply vote "OK" to close all the recently opened windows and restart your ToolScope_Net application, which should start in now in a 32-Bit/ 64-Bit mode.