Product Description


Cockpit is a standalone application to analyze machine performance in a graphical view. This application will help the user to generate different kinds of charts based on different filter criteria for more efficient and accurate analysis of machines. Cockpit generates charts for shift logs and tool change logs for any interval of time. Cockpit can connect with the Komet cloud (local or web-based).

How to Use ToolScope Cockpit


This is the cockpit application start up window if you don’t have a valid license.You can order license by clicking on Order Licence button.


After selecting the desired language from the combo box you can:


Click on test without license button to view a test version of cockpit application.


Click on activate license button-->one window will be opened where you can enter a valid license and can activate it.




Once the cockpit license is activated,you will get the below window on start up of application,if the connection is file based.



If database connection is selected you will get the below live screen window on start up of application.




Explanation of Menu Options 



The side menu bar is having 9 major sections:

Note:Upload CSV files/Local Usage and Clear Database option will be shown only in file based connection mode and live view option in database connection mode only.

  1. Dashboard

Click on the dashboard to get the dashboard screen.

Dashboard can be configured with the Dashboard Settings option.


Click on the Dashboard Settings and you will get this screen:


First select machine, control channel, tool and monitoring channel.

Then select the charts that you want to show in the dashboard. After that go back to the dashboard view by clicking on dashboard, you can see the changes.


  1. Browse Machine Data


This menu is for mainly generating shift log and tool change charts.

Click on Browse Machine Data


After clicking on Browse Machine Data you will get this screen where you can select machine,control channel,monitoring channel,tools and date time to generate any of the charts shown on the left side in the tree view.


Sample Load factor charts shown below:


Sample Program Running Time chart shown below:



Sample Mean Tool Lifetime per station per machine for piece counter chart is shown below:



Sample Tool Change reason chart is shown below:


  1.  Settings         

Expand Settings option and you will find these options: 


a. Database Configuration


Click on Database Configuration and you will get this screen:

You can select database or file based .



Enter required fields and then click on connect button. After connecting you will get a confirmation message, whether the connection is ok or not.


b. General Settings


Click on General Settings and you will get this screen:

You can view the application in full screen or normal mode by selecting/deselecting  the full screen mode checkbox.

Can change the language.

Can set UltraVNC installed path.




c. Version Details


Click on Version Details and you will get this screen:

You can get all the version related information here.




  1.  Licences

Expand Licences option and you will find these options:


a. Activate License

Click on Activate Licence and you will get this screen:

Enter the licence here and then click on Activate Licence button.




b.  Licence Information


Click on Licence Information and you will get this screen:

You can see all your licence related information here.




5.  FAQ



Click on FAQ and you will be redirected to the wiki FAQ page:




  1. Close

Click on close to exit the application.


Additional menu option when connected with file based



We have provided two additional menu options when Cockpit is running as file based application.

Upload CSV files/Local Usage

  • Using this menu option you can upload CSV log files (Shift log and Tool Change log) generated by Tool Scope. Once you click on the menu item you will get below window.



  • Now, click "Browse" button to select files from drive.



  • Once files got selected, it will be parsed automatically. A progress bar as shown bellow will show the progress of file parsing.



Clear Database

  • Using this menu option you can delete data already uploaded in previous run. 


  • A separate "Delete" button given for delete Shift Log and Tool Change Log deletion. A confirmation window will appear if you press the "Delete" button.



  • Once the data got deleted the "Delete" button text will change as "Deleted".



Additional menu option when connected with Database



When you click on Live View you will get the below screen:

This screen will show you the Live Machine Status which will be updated every 10 seconds.

There are two buttons in the live view: Machine Name and Connect Via VNC



When you click on machine name ,will get this screen where you can generate the charts.


Connect via VNC button is used for connecting the machine using VNC viewer.






Export Image


There is an option to export all the chart images.

Click on the export image button à  you will get a window where you can select the location where you want to save the image and then click on save button.