Tool Life Time Columns:-

Tool Life Time columns are described as below:-



1. Total Tool Life Time:-

Tool Life Time is total time taken by the process to run


You can discover more details about "Total Tool Life Time" here



2. Max Tool Life Time:-

Max Tool Life Time is the maximum limit for the total tool life time


3. Reserve(Tool Life Time):-

Reserve(Tool Life Time)  is the percentage of the available tool life time

4. Last Processing Time:- 

Last Processing Time is the processing time for the last running process


You can discover more details about "Last Processing Time" here



Dependency  between the “Tool Life Time” columns:-

a) When "Reserve(Tool Life Time)" counter is inactive:-


So, it has no dependency on other columns.. i.e., only Reserve(Tool Life Time) is hidden


b) When "Max Tool Life Time" is inactive, Reserve(Tool Life Time) becomes inactive:-




As we see here, the "Reserve(Tool Life Time)" has the dependency on "Max Tool Life Time"

So, both becomes hidden, if we disable "Max Tool Life Time"


c) When "Total Tool Life Time" is inactive, all of the Tool Life counters becomes inactive:-



When we disable "Total Tool Life Time", we see that all the Tool Life Time columns(Total Tool Life Time,Max Tool Life Time,Reserve(Tool Life Time)) will be hidden from Overview Display.

So, it  hideouts all 3 columns related to "Tool Life Time", when "Total Tool Life Time" is make as hidden.



Naming convention of Reserve column(when only 1 Reserve column is present):-


When there is only one Reserve counter active at a time, the name becomes in a generalise way.



Converts automatically to Reserve(in general),when other 2 Reserve columns are hidden.