The sub-point Service > Settings > Base > Monitoring > Tool Identification allows you to define, how the ToolScopes re-recognizes tools. This is e.g. relevant for the piece counter in the overview view.

The view contains a list of all signals based on which the tools are to be distinguished from each other.

This means: if an starting process has the same combination of the contents of the here listed signals, as a previous process, it is treated as using the same tool. If signals listed here are not found, they are ignored. If signals are available, but are not intended to be taken into consideration, they must be renamed or deleted here.

The option "Treat tools seperately based on the control channel" triggers that the control channel is included in the tool recognition in some parts of the system. This enables e.g. a tool usage counting in the overview view, which differs between different spindles (after the spindles have been mapped to different control channels).