General description

By licencing the app TS-QRep, a ToolScope can be extended with the possibility to generate a PDF per monitored process.

The app is primarily useful for

  • process documentation
  • quality reports


The following figure shows a typical generated PDF. For that it shows the screenshot of the main screen.

It shows additional information too, line below the program name, the time and the tool name. It is easy to see in the PDF, whether the process was running correct (alarms / no alarms) and how this was judged (limits, signals).


The PDF-files are placed beneath other protocol files in the log directory of the channel for which the PDF protocols are enabled, as you see below. The file structure is explained deeper here.


Configuring the PDF generation


The PDF generation is enabled per channel by setting the following checkmark under Service >> Settings >> Monitoring channel X:


Each channel for which the above checkmark is selected will trigger a PDF generation on the event of a fallig trigger, which normally appears at the end of a monitored process.

Configuring listed signals

The process information, which is listed at the top of the PDF is taken from ToolScope signals. The signals, which are used for that are the

Numeric signals, which are zero, are not listed. String signals (program names etc.) which are empty, are not listed, too.

The above means, that if you want to extend the list of signals on the top of the page, you have to add the wanted signals to the list of process attributes. This can e.g. be serial numbers of parts. An other example would be statistic information which you let calculate by the scripting driver.

Adding your company logo to the PDF

If you add a file named "userlogo.png" / "userlogo.jpg" / ...(several formats are recognized) to the directory BigStorage of the settings files, you fill receive your company logo at the upper left corner of the PDF.