By licencing the app TS-AFC, a ToolScope can influence the override of a machine in a smart way.

With the app, one receives

  • Reduction of machine cycle times
  • Higher process and machine safety

The app influences override in dependency of sensor signals. The signal is watched with a much higher frequency, as the machine personel is able to take care.


There are several monitoring methods, which are enabled after licencing the app:

  • Control

    The 90%-used option from our AFC app. "Control" is a generic adaptive feed control. The difference between the override output and 100% is proportional to a difference between a sensor signal and its target value. Example: if the sensor signal is 5% above the target value, the control will turn the override 5% down. The target value is taken from the upper range of the learned signals. --> the machine will speed up, if the machine is not near the learned maximum load.
  • Oscillation avoidance

    If a sensor signal (mostly a vibration signal), rises beyond a given limit, the override is switched from 100% to another predefined value. Under definable conditions, the override is later set back to 100%. --> if a machine begins to vibrate, the cutting parameters can be changed; later the machine switches back automatically
  • Idle detection

    An adaption of the acceleration avoidance. Difference: if the signal is rising after a given limit, the override is turned down from a higher standard value to a lower one. --> if the machine comes from idle to cutting, the override decreases. Before that, the machine is running fast.
  • Override Oscillation

    This module allows to turn the override automatically up and down during a process. It avoids machine vibration, if workers sucessfully avoid vibrations in that process by turning the override periodically.