The ToolScope NET starts normally automatic as a service. If a manual start is necessary, one can do this with the tools of the operating system.


Under Linux runs the ToolScope NET as service named “TSFirmware.service”. By default, the “systemd” system is used for this. Type the following commands in the console of the server to control the ToolScope NET:

  • Start ToolScope NET:
    systemctl start TSFirmware.service
  • Stop ToolScope NET:
    systemctl stop TSFirmware.service
  • Get status of ToolScope NET:
    systemctl status TSFirmware


Under Windows runs the ToolScope NET named „ToolScope_NetV[XX]_SP[YY]“  as a service. To control it, open “Service” over Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools. There should be the named entry and be controllable.