If a monitoring method of the ToolScope raises an alarm, the view is switched to the monitoring window which raised the alarm. Additional softkeys appear at the right side of the screen:


Softkey assignment after alarm


The above figure shows how the softkey assignment changes in the event of an error. After a reported error and before the ToolScope is notified of the next process to be monitored, an additional button bar is displayed on the right-hand edge.


Function name


False alarm

Sends the message "Alarm was incorrect" to the control system.

Approved alarm

Sends the message "Alarm was correct" to the control system.


View after clicking on False alarm

The softkeys in the top, right-hand area of the user interface are assigned as follows:

Function name


Add current process permanently

Adds the last cutting process (i.e. the process that triggered the false alarm) to the learning data of the process.

Expand critical limit

Expands the limit that just triggered the alarm.

Relearn tool

Sets all processes for the currently active tool to "Relearn".

Add next process permanently

Adds the next cutting process to the learning data for the process.