The sub-point Service > Settings > Monitoring > Softkeys allows you to make various settings for the softkeys. Timeouts can be defined for channel-based and global learning, and some softkeys can be displayed or hidden. In addition, you can adapt the rework behavior.

Furthermore, the standard behavior in the event of process deletion can be determined, as well as the channels which should react to the rework softkey.


Explanation in detail:

  • The first two options determin the amount of time it takes for global learning and channel learning to turn itself off again so the system is not constantly learning. After the set amount of minutes, the learning will end with the end of the next process.
  • The next option lets you hide the buttons for "monitor less/more closely" incase it is not wanted that the limits are changed on a button click
  • If the alarm reaction should not be done on the ToolScope, you can hide the "false alarm"/"correct alarm" buttons
  • If you are using the option to add a process to the learn data permanently, you can determine how much (in percent) of the process duration must have been seen in order for this option to be available (available after an error)
  • There is a possiblity to hade buttons for set amount of time. This time can be changed with this next option.
  • The next option lets you hide the option to add a process permanently to the learn data (available after an error)
  • There is an option to "Expand critical limit" in case of a false alarm. This option can be hidden here (available after an error)
  • It is also possible to hide the possiblitiy to relearn the current tool (available after an error)
  • Furthermore it is possible to hide the option to add the next process to the learn data (available after an error)
  • It is possible to activate rework with a button click in the ToolScope. This next option automaticly lets this rework end at the end of the process. Otherwise rework will be active until manually turned off
  • Softkey "Switch on process learning" will activate learning for the current process globally, unless this option is set to only let it be activated in the same control channel
  • The second last option lets you determine what should happen if a process is deleted manually from the learning data. You have the following options:
    • Ask what to do every time
    • Only delete in the current monitoring channel
    • Only delete in the monitoring channels of the current control channel
    • Delete in all monitoring channels
  • The matrix at the end lets you determin which of the monitoring channels should react to the softkey "rework"