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Import settings to a SoftScope


To import settings to a SoftScope that have been downloaded from a machine or have been provided by a KoBr employee to you, do the following:

Within your startmenu there is a SoftScope entry. Within this entry you find a link to the service directory (named “Service”). Please click this, an explorer window will open which shows the service directory.

Copy the settings file directly to this directory. Please rename the file to “” (or “NewToolScopeSettings” if file-endings are disabled) if the file has a different name.

Now start the SoftScope with the link from the startmenu, the settings will be loaded on startup automaticly.


Import and replay files in the SoftScope


To import files into a SoftScope, first start the SoftScope from the windows startmenu.

After the SoftScope is started, go to the service area by clicking the button on the lower right („Service“) and change to the “Hardware”-Tab (upper middle). Your screen will now look something like this:

First you need to switch off the sensors by clicking the button in the lower middle („Switch off sensors“). Afterwards please remove all existing tabs listed below „Data source“ by selecting them and clicking “remove data source” below it. Please do this for every tab until you reach the above view where no tab is  present next to „Add data source“.

Now choose „File Import“ from the dropdown menu and click „Add new data source“. You will get a new tab „File Import“ next to „Add data source“.

Click on this tab and you will get the following view:


By clicking „Select“ you will reach the dialog to select the files you want to add. Navigate to the directory where you saved those files and choose the files to import.

TIP: with CTRL + A you can select all files in a directory, with a pressed CTRL-key you can select several files via mouseclick.

By clicking “open” you will add the selected files to the list of the file import driver.

Within the lower part of the driver (you might need to use the scrollbar on the right) you can do some more settings:

Timewarp -> Will replay the files with a given factor, so that longer processes can be observed faster

Start automatically after switching on monitoring -> files will be replayed automaticly

Import endless loop ->  While replaying the files, if the last file is reached it will automaticly begin again at the first file

After all settings are done, switch on the sensors by clicking on the button in the lower middle and afterwards “Return to main view” where you can “Switch on monitoring”

If you selected „start automatically“ the files will now be replayed, otherwise F9 will start the replay.

Remark: If you imported settings from the same machine before you imported the files, you should see the processes 1:1. Otherwise some settings within the configuration of the monitoring channels might have to be done. You can find information on that within the manuals of the ToolScope.