The sub-point Service > Settings > Base > Screen layout allows you to adjust the screen layout of the ToolScope. The appearance depends on how many additional monitoring windows are active.

The selection box determines the behavior of the windows when navigating through the history while monitoring is switched off. There are three options:

  1. All individually: Each window is navigated individually, scrolling forwards and back relates only to the active (framed) window
  2. All synchronously to the top-left channel (default): All windows are scrolled through simultaneously and always show images that belong to the same process, which is displayed on the top left
  3. All in chronological order: All windows are scrolled through simultaneously, but always stay specifically in the chronological order of the processes occurring there

Screen layout settings view


There are various ways of customizing the view. It is possible to specify the number of columns that the monitoring window should provide. Based on this number and the number of different monitoring processes in the window, you can determine the number of rows explicitly.

Each channel can then be provided with horizontal and vertical weighting and can be assigned any number of "cells".

The appearance of the ToolScope is determined by these figures.