Rework mode is active when the machine control system signals that the current process is running under different conditions than usual. Monitoring switches to a special mode, which is designed specifically to detect unusually high forces. Monitoring to check whether the process is running exactly as before has now stopped.

Tolerance-range-based monitoring is deactivated, e.g. during rework of the lower limit. The upper limit is now only evaluated in the form of maximum value monitoring.


"Rework" is activated; lower limit is no longer evaluated; upper limit becomes maximum value monitoring.

Rework example

Processes in which "Rework" was briefly active are not used by the monitoring as learning processes.


Condition for occurrence of the "Rework" status: Typically, the rework status is active when an override controller has turned away from 100% or if a "Rework" key is pressed on the machine.

A sensor signal, which was designated as rework during machine set-up, switches from 0 to 1. If the checkmark next to "Hold rework until the end of the process" is active in the monitoring channel settings under "Service / Settings / Monitoring" (default), then the rework status is retained until the end of the process. If the checkmark is not active, the status is exited as soon as the rework signal has been "0" for a consecutive period of 0.5 seconds.