This article describes the usage of the driver "Remote access" for transferring sensor data and status information between ToolScope components. The network protocol is described here.

The "Remote access" driver imports data from a ToolScope or a ToolScope Connector, which is connected to the device via a network.

You must configure an IP address and the port with which the connection is to be established.

If the connection cannot be established while the device is being started up, the device will not start up. In this case, a device warm start is triggered after 60 seconds. You can stop this behavior by removing the checkmark next to "Warm start in the event of connection problems when starting up" in the driver's user interface.

If the connection fails during running operation, all driver signals, including the triggers, are set to zero. As soon as the connection is established again, the monitoring will continue to run normally.


Function name


Destination IP

IP for the target system


Port for the target system

Warm start in the event of connection problems when starting up

If this setting is activated, the ToolScope will restart if it is unable to establish a connection with the target system during start up

The driver applies the time system from the destination ToolScope

If this setting is activated, the time system of the destination ToolScope is applied