From the main view of the ToolScope, press the softkey "Go Offline" to get in the offline mode.

In offline mode, you can display the last processes. In this way, you can quickly compare different processes directly next to the machine.


Function name


Go Offline

Switches to offline mode. The softkey labeling switches to "Go Online". The labeling turns red to provide a permanent warning that the monitoring is not currently being displayed.

Go Online

Switches to online mode.


The "Monitor off" and "Offline" statuses are two statuses that the ToolScope deliberately ignores between the machine being switched off and started up again. If the machine was switched off in "Monitor off" status, the ToolScope starts in "Monitor on" and "Online" status when the machine is started up again. The offline view is also not retained after a restart, and instead the ToolScope always starts in online view.


The next figure shows the ToolScope view when monitoring is hidden. The ToolScope shows the latest process in the monitoring history. At the top right, you can see the time at which the displayed data was saved.

View of monitoring history with monitoring switched off

The process history is based on the same data memory that you can read out using Windows Explorer, for example. The process history images are saved there as a .png file. If you delete .png files via Explorer, they are no longer displayed in the process history.


Function name


Limit search

Opens a search mask to limit the displayed processes (see Figure 7).

Reset search

Closes the search mask and resets the parameter to the original value.

Previous process / Next process

Switches between the displayed processes in order to edit processes further in the past.


Search mask for limiting the processes displayed

You can use the search masks to limit the search to a specific period of time and only display processes with certain attributes (e.g. Tool 2).


The "Logs must contain" search function performs an AND linked search. The search is based on the strings (PG: XYZ / T: 7411 /…), which are displayed via the processes. Only letters and numbers are included in the search – blank spaces and other special characters are ignored. The search is also not case-sensitive.

Example search: "w7411" finds all processes with the string "T: 7411" and thus filters to tool "7411". For unique names such as "7411", it is also usually sufficient to filter the search to "7411".