The sub-point Service > Settings > Overview allows you to configure the "Overview" tab page.

There are two types of display: Process-based and quantity-based.

With a process-based view, a column showing the wear is displayed for every known process. This requires 'Average' monitoring to be configured in order to provide these data.

With a quantity-based view, a column in which the previously produced quantity is entered, is displayed for each tool. It is also possible to specify a target quantity, which, when reached, triggers an alarm.

In both cases, the columns can be sorted alphabetically (default) or chronologically (last process/last tool at top).

Entries can be deleted from the list automatically after a configurable number of days, if they have not occurred within this time.

In the overview display, there is a softkey with which the entire list can be deleted. This can be hidden here.

It is also possible to specify if more than one workpiece is created per process and thus if the overview counter should count in larger increments.

In addition, you can also edit the list of prepared tool change reasons. It is possible to change the order of the entries. This means it is possible for the most frequently used reason to appear at the top of the list. Entries that are not needed can be deleted or modified here. In this list, you can also find all reasons added by a user at the time of a tool change, if no proposed reason suits.