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Extended View

The, user can enable extended view by selecting under the list of "Displayed columns" in the Overview Display.via (Settings->Overview display)


After selecting ALL columns , we have an extended view as follows:-






Detailed information of "Extended options in the overview panel" can be found at below hyperlink:-


Detailed view of "Extended Options in the Overview Panel" can be found here


Specifications of Extended Overview Display columns:-

a) Standard View columns:-

      1. Date:-  

           represents date and time for the specific process.


      2. Process:-

           represents specific Tool number.


      3. Reserve(Average):- 

  The reserves are displayed based on the wear limits set in the average monitoring


b) Batch counter columns:-


   1. Piece:-

       Contains no. of work-piece already processed by the Tool. Piece is increased every time once processing is done.


   2. Maximum:-

       It is the maximum no. of allowed work-piece that can be processed by a tool.


   3. Reserve(Batch counter):-

        It is the percentage of the work-piece which are available for processing.


c) Tool Life Time columns:-


   1. Total Tool Life Time:-

         Total Tool Life Time  is the total time already taken by the tool for processing.


   2. Maximum Tool Life Time:-

        Maximum Tool Life Time is the maximum limit for the total tool life time.


   3. Reserve(Tool Life Time):-

        Reserve(Tool Life Time) is the percentage of the available tool life time.


  4. Last Processing Time:-

          Last processing time is the time taken by the last running process.


d)  Note:-

         Allows user to put comment for the specific process.