The sub-point Service > Settings > Monitoring description allows you to configure various monitoring and logging settings.


First, the maximum displayed distance/time frame of the monitoring window can be determined. If the monitoring runs over a longer distance/time frame, the image is moved to the left, so that the last seconds or position set here can be seen.

Here, it is also possible to display additional information in display graphs (minimum value, maximum value, average and RMS).

The number of decimal places in the CSV files (measuring logs) can be reduced if permitted by the required precision, to ensure that data can be kept for longer. The system's memory is limited and, if it becomes full, the oldest files will be overwritten in each case. The respective retention period is highly dependent on the volume of data produced. In addition, the decimal separator in the logs can be changed between a period and a comma.

In addition to the option of creating a one-off "Learn" bit in measuring logs in the event of alarms, which is of most interest to KOMET® BRINKHAUS technicians, it is also possible to save the CSV files as compressed ZIP files, in order to further extend the retention period.