The procedure "Fully Automatic" is defined as standard choice for tolerance ranges.

In this mode, the ToolScope makes most settings automatically. Therefore, only two configurable parameters are shown here.

Configuring the fully automatic monitoring procedure

Configurable parameters

Function name


Monitoring active

The checkmark next to "Monitoring active" specifies whether or not any alarms are to be issued for the process in question. If a checkmark is not set here, then the process will be displayed, but no limits will be shown and no alarms will be issued.

Relearn; number of processes

As soon as the checkmark is set next to "Relearn; number of processes" and the process is observed the next time, the monitoring forgets the previous data and relearns the newly entered number of processes.


Example: Monitoring a milling process

Scenario: Processes are to be monitored for tool breakage on a milling center.

  1. If necessary, supplement your NC program with M and H commands.
  2. Start your NC program

Initially, the ToolScope will observe and analyze the sensor signals. Then it begins to monitor. In doing so, the device will try to avoid false alarms. The area between the limit values (green) is the tolerance range. If the signal value (red) exceeds or falls below the upper or lower limits, an error signal is issued. The more processes are learned, the more accurate the monitoring and the smaller the distances between the green limit values and the signal value (red). 



Monitoring a drilling process


The more often the ToolScope observes the same process, the more reliable it becomes in terms of monitoring. The ToolScope reacts with alarms wherever it can, even with slight signal deviations. The limit values (green) thus move closer to the sensor signal (red) in a self-learning and intelligent manner.


The limit values (green) move closer to the sensor signal (red)

As soon as the process exhibits a curve that appears unusual, it is interrupted.


Signal breaks through the limits after a process error, machine is stopped


An unusual curve stops the machine