The sub-point Service > Settings > Base > Machine description allows you configure, how the ToolScope maps axes numbers of the control to axes names.

Also the number of axes which are shown, can be configured.

After configuring this, ithe ToolScope is aware of which axes the user should be able to select in the user interface and which axis numbers these have in the control system.


The following must be entered as the axis ID:


Control system

Axis ID


Axis number as displayed under "Menu Select / Setup"


Axis number


"Bit number of an axis in the PLC word +1"

Example: Axis "X" normally has bit 0. The axis ID to be entered is "1".            

The axes normally begin from bit 0. The spindles occupy the higher bits. Therefore, with 16-axis NC software, the address of the spindle is 16 (or 15?).