ToolScope Local Cloud is a standalone application to run especially on servers to parse and store ToolScope generated ShiftLog and ToolChange Log files and upload them into a database. This application will help the user to transfer the log files to the desired location of the server. From there the ToolScope Local Cloud will upload the files into a database. The user can connect ToolScope Cockpit to the server database and can generate different kinds of charts based on different filter criteria for more efficient and accurate analysis of machines.

ToolScope Local Cloud containins our own SSH connection and database creation and handling are done by itself. The only requirement for a running system is a ToolScope (Net) that uploads its data to the server where the ToolScope Local Cloud is running.


Features –

  • Running SSH on port 2580(this can be configurable).
  • Having functionality to handle standard databases like MariaDB, Derby and MySQL.
  • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is built in to parse csv data.
  • Can be runnable in Windows or Linux server.


You can download ToolScope Local Cloud Version 1 SP01 from here:


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