The ToolScope provides a range of drivers. The main task of a driver is to read data from a specific hardware item (Profibus connection, analog inputs) and make it available in the ToolScope as a signal. In addition, the drivers have to forward internal "An error got recognized" statuses of the ToolScope to the hardware.

You can access the hardware configuration by pressing the "Service" softkey and then selecting the "Hardware" tab page using the arrow keys.

In this view, the "Reset inputs" softkey is very important. During monitoring, the ToolScope makes a note of which inputs were selected for the triggers and monitoring signals for each monitoring strategy, even if this is changed. Pressing this softkey causes these assignments to be deleted and allows all monitoring to select its default configuration first.


Also, if we add multiple data sources, then there is an option available for switching tabs between the various "Data source". You can find 2 soft-keys at the bottom,i.e., "Move driver to front" & "Move driver to rear" that enables you to switch between the various Data source tabs. This shifting is only possible when the sensors are switched OFF.