ToolScope Net can be setup in Linux and Windows servers.

We recommend the use of a linux-based server for shorter response times.

Installation requirements

  • Server Hardware
    • 0,5 physical CPU cores per monitoring window in a running ToolScope Net instance.
      A "core" is measured here in equivalents of an Intel E3845 core. So the number is strongly depending on the performance of the CPU.
      minimum: 1 physical cores per ToolScope Net instance
    • 1GB physical memory per ToolScope Net instance if swapping is disabled, 1,5GB otherwise
    • At least 10GB hard disc space usable per instance, on top of the operating system files
    • Write performance on the server hard drive: assume a bandwidth of 1MBit/sec per monitoring window on the hard drives; if the hard drives are not wired directly to the mainboard of the processing CPU (hyperconvergent servers), calculate a bandwidth of 10Mbit for each monitoring window.
  • Server operating system
    • Explicitly certified linux distributions: Debian Squeeze, Debian Jessie
    • For Apps TS-PM, TS-AFC: Linux 64Bit
    • For all other apps: Debian Linux, 64bit or Windows Server >= 2008 (64Bit)
    • On Windows, a JDK version >=1.8 is an additional installation requirement
    • Disabled swapping, if possible for the platform
  • Control hardware (for installation of TooLScope Connector)
    • For TS-PM and TS-AFC: Siemens 840D sl, HMI: Operate (TCU), NC software >= 2.6
      • A PCU is also possible as HMI, but reduces reaction time, frequency and reliability.
    • Other apps:
      • 840D sl, NC software >= 2.6, HMI: Operate (TCU/PCU)
      • 840D pl, NC-software >= 06.03; HMI: HMI Advanced, PCU >= PCU50 as HMI (Operating system: >= Windows XP)
        • HMI Advanced only allows a frequency of 10 Hz. This may not be enough for most processes.
    • Free space for our coupling application on the controls HMI: <2MB
    • The values of the axis to be monitored must be readable via OPC.
  • Network
    • Network connection between the machine control panel and the ToolScope Net server; bandwidth: 5MBit (gross) per ToolScope Net instance; minimum on all used network segments: 100Mbit
    • The network may be switched and routed but may not include wireless connections or VPNs .
    • Expectable ping time <5ms
    • Firewall rules (customizable)
      • TCP/IP from any port on the machine control panel to port 2200-2300 on the ToolScope Net
      • TCP/IP from any port on the ToolScope Net server to port 2100-2200 on a ToolScope, if the server shall connect to a ToolScope as ToolScope Connector
      • TCP/IP from and port on the ToolScope Net server to port 3000 on the machine control panel
  • Required installation time
    • 2h - 3h machine stand still