If the control panel on the machine to be fitted is running Windows 95 (as it is on some MMC of 840D), the operating system has only rudimentary support for the TCP/IP-protocol.

TCP/IP is a base protocol of TSVNCC.

If after the start of TSVNCC a dialog box appears, which states:

  • That an application may not have been correctly installed or
  • That an appliance may not be able to be started as the libraries would fail

you probably have a case of this kind.

The network compatibility of the original Windows 95 was improved by Microsoft as part of the Winsock 2 update. The update can be imported by calling up a small tool ("w95ws2setup.exe"). We will provide you with the tool on request.

According to experience, the update has to be done seldom. If it is run, it was by now uncritical - the update took only seconds and the machine worked as before - but with TCP/IP.

As a precaution, you should only import this update if an MMC backup is available.