Preparation for an installation differs for machine manufacturers and machine operators.

Machine manufacturers/service personnel

KOMET® BRINKHAUS assumes that, as the machine manufacturer, you will complete the majority of the installation work in the course of assembling your machine. However, we would be more than happy to guide you through the first installation. We would be happy to complete the work together with you. We would also be happy to explain our "Installation package" file to you, which contains the standard modules for Siemens, Fanuc, Heidenhain.

Machine operators

If a machine tool is to be retrofitted subsequently, KOMET® BRINKHAUS will usually carry out the installation work.

Our staff are able to complete the installation without assistance or incident. If the work is carried out on new machines without prior discussion with your machine manufacturer, in most cases they will refuse to maintain the warranty for the modified machine (being unaware of the precise work). It is therefore necessary to involve a service technician from the machine manufacturer when new machines are involved.


The following description is aimed at machine operators' service personnel and machine manufacturers' employees. Installation is described in detail, to make your work easier and to ensure success.

However, when working through each point, you must know what you are doing.


The installation can be completed within 4 hours.of machine stand still time.

The work on the machine can be completed much faster if you or we prepare the changes to the PLC/PMC-project at a desk - before beginning the installation at the machine.

When completing the installation on a machine that is used in Production, you will require a day shift to complete the installation.