You can request an interface description from KOMET® BRINKHAUS, which we would be happy to explain to you and provide the necessary training.

However, certain elements of this interface (automatic detection of processing G commands, transferral of strings from the NC to ToolScope using the DPR, etc.) are very closely linked to KOMET ® BRINKHAUS' experience and specialist expertise. We recommend that you use our interface module rather than reprogramming the interface.

You can also receive a file called "Installation package" with the device. It contains a PLC example project.

You can find the module saved as FB391 in the example project. In FB390, there is an example of its use. Copy the FB391 and add it to your project. Then familiarize yourself with the example in FB390 and implement it.

You find in this knowledge base the following ressources which are linked to that block:

  1. Description of all inputs of the inner FB 391
  2. Description of all outputs of the inner FB 391