This article describes several aspects when inserting a ToolScope into the PLCDesign project of a target machine.

In contrast to many other PLC programming languages, the Heidenhain PLC does not know any functional modules (FB) that receive inputs at accurately defined points and that issue outputs at accurately defined points.

However, to ensure that ToolScope is integrated into the Heidenhain control systems in as standardized a manner as possible, BRINKHAUS supplies two SRC files that largely reproduce the schematic for transferring input and output data.


This file is the main file. It contains the entry point for the main PLC program (CM BRINKHAUS). It is divided into sections, in which global variables are defined with input and output data, for example. Thereafter, the actual "CM BRINKHAUS_INNER" BRINKHAUS request is made. At the end of BRINKHAUS.SRC, the ToolScope outputs are then evaluated.


  • Is called up as the "CM BRINKHAUS_INNER" sub-program
  • Operates the Profibus interface
  • Decodes M commands from M800-M823
  • Decodes FN19 requests
  • Starts an axis retraction (NC-Makro BRI_ASP) on the positive flank of the "TS_AXIS_RETRACT_START" input variable
  • Transfers a string from the table to ToolScope on M820
  • Decodes the most important alarms and sets bits in the "outputs"

BRINKHAUS.SRC must be parametrized at the beginning of the file. The following must be set in particular:

  • The addresses (I/O) of each of the first input and output bytes
  • The beginning of the range from which M commands should be decoded (in accordance with the ToolScope handbook: M800)
  • The number from the first of six (!) strings, which are internally allocated by the module
  • An individual row number in the error table (ERRTAB), whose errors trigger an NC stop (required for axis retraction)
  • An individual row number in the error table (ERRTAB), whose only function is to output the "Waiting for PLC acknowledgment from ToolScope" ("Warte auf PLC-Quittung von ToolScope") message (while transferring data via FN19)

After integrating the files, 95% of user manual functions are available.

Checklist for known problems/manual rework:

  • Word W494 (Override): its meaning depends on a factor that can be set in MP7620.3. If MP7620, bit 3 is set, this means that a value of 10000 equates to "100%". If it is not set, the numerical values from the W494 and the override correspond exactly. This is marked in Brinkhaus_Helpers.INC. Search for "MP7620".