This article is about hiding profibus errors when installing a ToolScope.

It is beneficial to modify the error handling within the PLC so that the machine does not take any action should the device be subject to a device failure. You should do this to be able to restart a ToolScope during reconfigurations.

The OB 86 should be changed in the first instance.

IF removing the Profibus connector from ToolScope still continues to have an effect on the control system, read out the control system's diagnostics buffer (via the Simatic Manager) in the S7 Manager. It is often suspected that the OBs 82 and 122 require a small modification. Only modify the OBs 82 and 122 if you know from the diagnostics buffer (Simatic Manager) that you should modify them.

You find code examples for hiding profibus errors in the OB 82,86, 122, in our S7 sample project which is part of our installation package.