Importing Data to Tableau from CSV file  -


After installation of Tableau user will get home screen as below -



To import data from CSV file user need to click on the “Text file” highlighted in the left menu bar -



A window will open to browse and select the file. Browse the file from particular location and click on “Open”.



It will import the data and show it in tabular format as the screenshot.

Manipulating data -

Click on the arrow next to particular column where modification is required and select the option “Create Calculated Field” –



Change the name of field and give the formula as it is required as shown in the below screenshot -



Click on “Apply” and then “OK”.


A new column will be created for the manipulated field next to the original column one as the screenshot.



Creating Chart –


After importing the data from user can do analysis of the data available in the file with the multiple types of charts available in tool. To create the charts follow below steps -

Click on the “Sheet1” (Bottom Tab)



Change the name of the Sheet (i.e. Chart) as per requirement-



Drag and Drop the Dimensions and Measures from left panel to the sheet attributes as “Columns” and “Rows”.



Creating Dashboard –

After creating charts user can create dashboards and add the charts in it. They can add multiple charts in dashboard. Filter criteria can be added to dashboards. Dashboards can be downloaded as workbooks.

Follow the steps below to create dashboards-

Click on new Dashboard at the bottom menu.



The next screen will come.



On the left side all the available sheets (charts) will be there. Drop the sheets to the Dashboard.



You can drop multiple sheets and create the dashboard-



Save Option –

Click on “File” and click on “Save to Tableau Public as”.



It will save the chart to the user’s Tableau public profile. User can login to the profile and check the charts.



You can click on any chart and view it.



It will open the chart as below –



Here you can select the filters and download the workbook.