This site gives a overview of the necessary steps to install and configure the ToolScope Net and the ToolScope Connector. There are links to the wiki sites with the details and manuals.

  1. Download the necessary packages
    For this installation there is per default the need of a ToolScope Connector and a ToolScope Net. There are version for different operating system on the download pages.
    Net Download
    Connector Download
  2. Check requirements of the ToolScope Net:
    Its is important that the target device the ToolScope Net gets installed to has enough power. The follow site contains this requirements.
    Installation requirements of ToolScope Net (V11)
    Also consider: Limits of ToolScope Net compared to ToolScopes (V11)
  3. Install ToolScope Net:
    The installation of the ToolScope Net is explained on follow sites for a Windows and Linux based system.
    Installation of ToolScope Net on Windows as a service (V11)
    Installation of ToolScope Net for Linux (V11)
  4. Install the ToolScope Connector on the control system
    The ToolScope Connector supplies the ToolScope Net with sensor data and offers remote access on the ToolScope Net. It needs to be installed on every Siemens control system which should monitored. The following sites explain installations on different systems.
    840D power line or 840D solution line with HMI Advanced (V11)
    840D solution line with TCU and Siemens Operate (V11)
    Windows panel connected via network (V11)
  5. Install user cycle on the control system
    Since the ToolScope Connector can't stop the machine on a tool break, a user cycle has to do that. Furthermore the user cycle delivery a few things more for convenience.
    Configuration of a ToolScope Connector to supply a ToolScope with data in V11
  6. Configuration of the OPCConnector inside the ToolScope Connector
    The OPCConnector function reads sensor data from the Siemens control system and sends them to the ToolScope Net. It it necessary to set the variable which should be read.
    Configuring the data transfer module (OPCConnector) (V11)
    OPC variables for use in the ToolScope (V11)
  7. Configuration of the RemoteAccess driver
    The "RemoteAccess" driver is used to receive the data from a ToolScope Connector. For this installation has the checkbox "The driver applies the time system from the destination ToolScope" has to be checked.
    Remote Access (V11)
  8. Additional information about operation
    There some ways to control/trigger some automatic processes yourself
    Start and stop ToolScope Net manually