The below list is a full list of calculation functions of the filter signal processing script of the ToolScope.




[double] PI

Approximately Pi

[double] E

Approximately Euler's number

[double] sin ([double] var)

Sine function (radian)

[double] cos ([double] var)

Cosine function (radian)

[double] tan ([double] var)

Tangent function (radian)

[double] acos ([double] var)

Arcsine function (radian)

[double] asin ([double] var)

Arccosine function (radian)

[double] atan ([double] var)

Arctangent function (radian)

[double] atan2 ([double] x, [double] y)

Arctangent 2 function (radian); Determination of the angle between the vector (x, y) and the x axis

[double] toRadians ([double] var)

Converts from degrees to radian

[double] toDegrees ([double] var)

Converts from radian to degrees

[double] exp ([double] var)

Exponential function to base of Euler's number

[double] log ([double] var)

Logarithm function to base of Euler's number

[double] log10 ([double] var)

Logarithm function to base 10

[double] sqrt ([double] var)

Square root function

[double] cbrt ([double] var)

Cubic root function

[double] pow ([double] a, [double] b)

Power function (ab)

[double] abs ([double] var)

Absolute value function

[double] random ()

Supplies a random number between 0 and 1

[double] round ([double] var)

Rounds the transferring number

[double] max ([double] a, [double] b)

Supplies the larger of the two numbers

[double] min ([double] a, [double] b)

Supplies the smaller of the two numbers

[double] set (
[int] ID,
[double/String] var

Sets the value of the input signal with the specified ID (whole integer) to the given value. Any configured signal can be overwritten with this. The data type of the input signal and of the transferring signal (var) must match.

[double] toNumber ([String] var)

Tries to convert the transferring character string (var) into a number ([double]). If the conversion fails, 0 is returned.

[String] toString ([double/int] var)

Converts the transferring number (var) into a character string. Decimal numbers contain a period as the separator (.)