This article describes the filter "Multi-axis TMS" of the ToolScope which generates an RMS signal from orthogonally oriented vibration sensors.

The "Multi-axis RMS" signal filter calculates the RMS values of three signals. Technically, the signals are each individually subject to range-pass filtering, squared, and low-pass filtered. The resulting values of all three signals are then added. The square root of the result is determined. The result is smoothed by a low-pass. The findings are provided as a virtual signal.

This filter is ideal for evaluating raw acceleration signals from three-axle acceleration sensors.

The "Multi-axis RMS" signal filter is only visible if the internal "ShowDriver Multi-axisRMS" setting is set to "true".

This driver does not report to the self diagnostics that it did not find all of the signals specified by the user. A message only appears if none of the signals specified by the user were found. It is therefore possible, for example, for this filter to be used with just two input signals.