This article describes the filter "Adaptive RMS" of the ToolScope which calculates the RMS of a sensor signal with a dynamic bandpass filter and delivers the result as a new virtual signal.

The "Adaptive RMS" signal filter, like the "RMS training" filter, calculates the RMS signal of an oscillating sensor at the input of the ToolScope. However, the signal is not calculated over a wide frequency range, but only over a self-adjusting, very narrow frequency range.

The center frequency of this range is based on the content of another input signal. Typically, the speed of a spindle should be set here.

This filter is particularly well suited to "discovering" the cutting frequency from an oscillation signal.

In the example below, a raw acceleration signal, which is at terminal 2 of the analog inputs, is filtered at double the speed of the spindle and then an RMS is trained. The low-pass filter of the RMS is 2 Hz.

The "Adaptive RMS" signal filter is only visible if the internal "ShowDriverAdaptiveRMS" setting is set to "true".