With the "File import" driver, it is possible to re-import CSV files, which were saved by a ToolScope, into a SoftScope or ToolScope. This can be done, for example, to test other filter settings.



Function name



CSV files to be imported


Adds new CSV files to the list/Removes files from the list

Load data from files

Press on this softkey to start the data import from the CSV files.

Time warp

Speed multiplicator for file import (default: 1)

Start automatically after switching on monitoring

File import starts automatically after the monitoring is switched on (default: Off)

Import as endless loop

After the last file has been imported, the process automatically begins again with the first file (default: Off)

Automatically translate data descriptions when importing

Signal names, etc. are automatically translated into the ToolScope's language during file import (default: On)

Treat the machine as 'cold' at the beginning of each imported file

For each file, the ToolScope behaves as if it was a cold machine (default: Off)

Imitate the original completion sequence of saved processes

Sets breaks between the files, so that the behavior of the ToolScope is identical to the behavior during saving (default: Off)

File loading trigger

For selected triggers, data is only read when the trigger is active (default: None)

Driver reset trigger

For selected triggers, the file import is reset when the trigger is active and the first file is read during the next start (default: None)

Extend all signals by adding

Adds the entered word to the signal names of the file import (default: Empty)

Start this extension from signal no.

Adds the word only after the specified signal number (default: 1)