What is ToolScope Cockpit?

ToolScope Cockpit is a standalone-software that can be installed on every windows PC. ToolScope Cockpit connects with a database (local, network or internet) and provides MDA- and ToolChange-Graphs from data stored within this database.

ToolScope Cockpit requires a ToolScope to collect the data from a machine and upload it to the database.

How does ToolScope Cockpit work?

Under this link you can find an in depth explanation of ToolScope Cockpit.

ToolScope Cockpit (EN)

How do I create my first graphs fast?

ToolScope Cockpit is installed with connection data to the test account of the Komet Cloud. Therefore by choosing “Remote Database” and hitting “Connect” it is possible to browse data from the production in Besigheim. An in depth tutorial on how to connect and browse this data can be found in the Wiki:

Exploring your machine data with ToolScope Cockpit (Demo)


What does a graph in ToolScope Cockpit look like?

Here is an example that shows the load factors of a machine: