Wondering, how you to explore the GB of data which ToolScopes can write into the cloud? KOMET prepared a demonstration at the hand of realtime data of production machines at the leading plant in Besigheim.

Beneath the Excel examples, which help you in exploring the data, we are working on  desktop sofware. This software is the ToolScope Cockpit

The KOMET cloud afterwards serves as storage station for your data. ToolScopes and the ToolScope Server instances write in the cloud. Excel-Examples and the ToolScope Cockpit read from the cloud.

Download a demonstration

Download the setup ToolScope Cockpit executable.

Click here to download


Be sure to uninstall a previous version, if there was already an installed one:


Start the freshly downloaded installer:

Choose the installation options. Remark: the installation does not need administrator privileges.


After clicking on "next" you will be asked for a destination path. The standard installation goes onto the desktop. Please confirm or change the destination path.


Start the application from the start menu:



Choose "Test without licence". In this mode you can access only the machines from Besigheim.


Opens up with a dashboard view with some charts with state data of the last week .

Click on the left corner icon to show/hide side menu bar


Dashboard View with side menu bar


Click on the arrow in front of "Dashboards",and click on the dashboard settings to configure the dashboard.

After selecting all the details click back on Dashboard and you can see the changes in the dashboard view.

Lets browse through more data. Click on "Browse Machine Data", as shown in bellow diagram:



"Browse Machine Data", will allow you to select Machine, Control channel, Monitoring channel and Tools.

Also you have to give start and end date and time period to generate a chart. 

By default each time you select on "Browse Machine Data", it will show you "Machine Status" chart for yesterday.

Now browse through the cloud data. We have prepared some example evaluations of the ToolScopes knowledge of your machine.

We are working on enhancing them and adding more evaluations.

Screenshot below: how long was which machine in what status?


How long was which program (and thus "which workpiece") running at a machine?


Have fun.