Leading plant Besigheim

As one leading plant of the KOMET Group, the production in Besigheim uses ToolScopes. The devices are used for process monitoring, process documentation and cloud interaction. Some of the devices are connected to the KOMET Cloud and deliver data in this cloud. The product line KOMET BRINKHAUS is working continuously on demonstrations of the cloud usage. The data of our machines in the KOMET Cloud is published openly here.

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ToolScopes in Besigheim

The following table gives an overview about the installations of ToolScope-technology in Besigheim.


Machine manufacturer Machine brand name Machine type Control No. ToolScope firmware version ToolScope is used for ToolScope is connected to KOMET Cloud
AXA VHC-2 Drilling / Milling   503336   Process monitoring X
AXA VHC-3 Drilling / Milling   87098   Process monitoring  
DMG CTX beta 800 Turning / Universal Siemens 840D 503358 V10 Process monitoring X
DMG CTX beta 1250 Turning / Universal Siemens 840D 503747 V10 Process monitoring X
DMG CTX gamma 2000nd Turning / Universal Siemens 840D 008600000031 V10 Process monitoring  
SFT BHW 10 Deep hole drilling Siemens 840D 111464 V9 Process documentation X
Sigma Leader Drilling / Milling Heidenhain

iTNC 530
% V10_SP14.1 Measuring / Training / Demonstration



STAMA MC 726/MT Drilling / Milling Siemens 840D 561348 ToolScope Connector Process monitoring X
STAMA MC 734/MT Drilling / Milling Siemens 840D 561347 ToolScope Connector Process monitoring X

Enabling you to browse through cloud data of machines in Besigheim

You may play around with KOMET's cloud data and our current possibilities.

We have two playgrounds:

  1. The raw data. Measuring files, screenshots etc from several machines, as the ToolScope produces it continuously. Please see the chapter "Access to raw ToolScope data in cloud boxes" to learn how to connect to that data.
  2. Consolidated status information (Machine is running, machine is standing still, etc) in form of summarizing graphics. For this kind of cloud data we have a software called "Arda Explorer", which lets you browse through the machines. The software is in constant development. It is at its early stages, but shows the first summarizing information about machines.  Download a demo and play with it here.

Access to raw ToolScope data in cloud boxes

To access raw ToolScope data from cloud boxes, need to connect through SFTP client. Please find the detail procedure here - 

  1. Download and start a SFTP client of your choice. The below screenshots were made with WinSCP.
  2. Configure your access. Machines in Besigheim is connected with BOX 4 (username : 00004), so we need credentials for the same.
  3. Fill all the required fields as shown here -



  4. By default you will see the folder /BACKSTORE/00004. And also can access all the RAW files present here.

    Here you can find Subdirectories created for different machines and can also browse them.

    Details of files and folders inside ToolScope "TS_AXA_Bau_5_rile" 

  9. Inside the "Service" directory you can find data for “shift_log”. By default every Tool SCope will create this folder, and same can be found in cloud.


Usage of cloud based monitoring in Besigheim

KOMET has currently 9 instances of a cloud based monitoring running at the leading plant in Besigheim. In those installations, the functionality of a ToolScope is provided by a local cloud server of the IT in Besigheim.

In these installations a regular ToolScope serves as connector between the ToolScope Server and the machine. ToolScope Server is used

  1. to feed data in the KOMET Cloud since April 2017.
  2. to do monitoring on old STAMAs completely from the cloud. We had to re-setup this on June 2017, because of performance problems of former versions of ToolScope Connector. KOMET BRINKHAUS is currently taking these machine into action again.

    The whole installation currently serves as test bed for upcoming technology, which will be presented at the EMO 2017 in Hannover.