This product describes a service fee OEMs which buy service for commisioning and geting end customer approval at KOMET.

Short description of the delivered product (Quotation text)

  • Setup and end customer approval,
    Special package for end customers of OEMs

  • 1 day setup of customer a specific process monitoring. This included the configuration of 1 NC program of max. 10 tools per machine. To do this, a normal production flow must be existing. If there is additional work because of delays during a machine setup the costs shall be mutually adapted.

  • 1 day short introduction of machine operators of the end customer

  • On two consecutive days

  • incl. travelling costs within a country

  • Traveling costs between countries and flight costs are exclusive

Additional information to the delivered product

  • Is only meant to be ordered together with a bought System by an OEM


  • None