This product describes a generic fee for trael costs.

Short description of the delivered product (Quotation text)

  • The travel time is charged with the regular hourly rate of E65 76010 / E65 71070 / E65 71080. Max. 3h / driven distance.

  • Additionally 0,5€/km, max 300km per driven distance is charged.

  • Overnight fees are charged generally with 100€.

  • These costs apply for a duration of 6 months from the date of this quotation. Afterwards - if questioned by customer - a new quotation can be generated.

Additional information to the delivered product

  • This article number is charged in dependency of travel costs after giving a service product which was explicitely defined "without travel costs".

  • TODO: define deeper, exspecially in dependency of the type of the travel


  • None