This product is collision detection device.

Short description of the delivered product (Quotation text)

  • Module for detection of impact collisions in rapid mode and chatter vibrations from

    max. two sensors.

Additional information to the delivered product

  • The CD202 has 2 inputs for vibration sensors. The inputs from the sensors are fed into a so called "channel".

  • Each channel has a maximum limit, which can be adjusted by a potentiometer in the housing of the device.

  • The CD202 has 2 which deliver per channel

    • a sensor raw signal

    • a RMS signal of the raw signal

    • a digital output which is triggered is the raw signal rises over a given limit. This is regularly connected to a PLC/PMC as a "collision" input.

    • a pair of terminals which are regularly connected but are isolated against each other, if the digital output is active. This is - if used - mustly connected into emergency shutdown circuits to stop the machine an collisions.

  • Both channels can be short.-circuited so that the second channel uses the same input signal as the first channel. This can be used to generate alarms at two different trigger levels from one sensor.