This product is a licence for Siemens controlled machine tools. It is used to let the Siemens NC allow more synchronous actions as part of the NC program. A synchronous action is a short program - often a single line - which is executed in parallel to the NC program. KOMET Brinkhaus can use those synchronous actions to copy the axes data to the PLC. The PLC code of KOMET Brinkhaus transfers them to the ToolScope afterwards.

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Additional information to the delivered product

  • For Siemens controls, the ToolScope can retrieve axes data either from this compile cycle "Tool&Process Monitoring" (TPM), or from the compile cycle "Axes Data Stream" (ADAS) or via synchronous action from the NC.

  • This order number is for installations at 840D controls. See this article (link) for 840D sl controls.

  • The Siemens order number is common for both lines (pl, sl) of Siemens controllers. The Siemens product number is 6FC5800-0AM36-0YB0. You can order it directly at Siemens, if you want. KOMET regularly

    • buys it and invoices it, if an end customer is supplied.

    • lets the OEM buy it, if the OEM is supplied.

      (Because an OEM regularly has slightly higher discounts as KOMET)


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