This product is a licence for Siemens controlled machine tools. It is used to TODO Brinkhaus with Ohmstede.

Short description of the delivered product (Quotation text)

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Additional information to the delivered product

  • For Siemens controls, the ToolScope can retrieve axes data either from this compile cycle "Tool&Process Monitoring" (TPM), or from the compile cycle "Axes Data Stream" (ADAS) or via synchronous action from the NC. TODO Brinkhaus with Ohmstede

  • This order number is for installations at 840D pl controls. See this article (link) for 840D sl controls.

  • The Siemens order number for this product is 6FC5800-0AM41-0YB0. You can order it directly at Siemens, if you want. KOMET regularly

    • buys it and invoices it, if an end customer is supplied.

    • lets the OEM buy it, if the OEM is supplied.

      (Because an OEM regularly has slightly higher discounts as KOMET)


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