This product specifies the delivery of a ToolScope simulation environment.

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Additional information to the delivered product

  • The so called "SoftScope" can be executed on a standard windows computer. It offers 95% of the functions of a ToolScope. The remaining "5%" are functions around connecting the simulated ToolScope to a hardware. To sum it up: a SoftScope gives the whole user interface of a ToolScope on a Windows PC, without the possibility of a direct hardware connection (Profibus, Profinet etc.).

  • Data is imported in the SoftScope with the driver "File-Import". After loading a settings file from a ToolScope hardware into a SoftScope

    • Go to Service > Hardware

    • Remove all hardware drivers

    • Add a file import driver

    • Choose a file to import (CSV files from a ToolScope)

    • Do perhaps needed adaption work, like reconfiguring the simulated ToolScope to fit to the imported data

    • Press "F9" to start importing data from the file

  • This article is outdated, because KOMET changed the software delivery system starting with the EMO 2017. SoftScopes can now just be downloaded from the .


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