This product is a licence bit for the ToolScope, which enables additional functionality.

Short description of the delivered product (Quotation text)

  • License Bit #12

Additional information to the delivered product

  • Enabled the ToolScope to act as a power monitoring device by the meaning of the norm MTV548-4

  • KOMET provides with this package

    • A monitoring method "MTV548-4" with offers red and yellow limits as asked by MTV548-4, additionally missing limits to detect already broken or missing tools.

    • PDF creation as part of the monitoring method MTV548-4

    • The needed base structure for collecting string based information like program names, tool names, serial numbers, reading torques and forces digitally from the NC, raw measuring data as CSV-file etc. (as part of the standard ToolScope)

  • NOT part of the package are additional possible wishes like

    • Network push of PDF documentation and protocols to servers (see App TS-Cloud)
    • Field service effort for help in integration of the ToolScope in your IT infrastructure
    • Customer programming like
      • Getting string based information except the ones which we have as product standard from the control in the ToolScope
      • Expanding the alarm handling in the control deeper than our regular installation standards, especially the programming of a tool retraction in the case of a red limit
    • Field service for potential extra wishes like setting up a characteristic map to convert between raw measuring values to calibrated ones


  • None