This product is an application for the ToolScope.

Short description of the delivered product (Quotation text)

  • License Bits #3, #8, #18.

  • Process control module

  • Process-force-dependent feed variation of the track speed.

  • Taking account of the current torque load on the spindle.

  • Control of the current torque load on the spindle to optimize tool usage and cycle times.

  • Idle cut detection.

  • The control range can be individually adjusted.

Additional information to the delivered product

  • Knowledge Base

  • Service for setting up the app or training must be ordered separately (link: guide for assumption values)

  • For quoting a standard setup of TS-AFC it is suggested to

    • quote 0.5 elements of E65 76010

    • limit the proposed results to configure 1 NC program or 10 tools


  • None