The sub-point Service > Settings > Base > Display allows you to set the resolution and language of the ToolScope user interface.

If the language is to be applied dynamically from the control panel, set a checkmark here.

Further down, you can set the number of channels to be displayed in the main window. The maximum number of windows is determined by the license. If you need more windows than are activated, please contact our Sales department.

The standard view of the ToolScope can also be adjusted here. For example, instead of the monitoring window (Signal), the tool overview (Overview) can be displayed as the main window.

If your ToolScope has a touchscreen, the touchscreen functionality is activated here.

The "Set process ID" softkey can also be activated and influenced here. This allows you to set signals manually.

If position-based monitoring is of no interest to you, you can hide it here. This makes the selection of possible monitoring clearer.

Finally, the alarm monitor can be activated here. This allows you to obtain a history of all alarms that have occurred and to generate test alarms yourself, in order to check machine behavior, for example.