This article is about connecting a Siemens Operate HMI which bases on Windows via ToolScope Connector to a ToolScope.

If the control system is running Siemens Operate using Windows, there are two possibilities

  1. KOMET Brinkhaus compiles the Operate-Version of ToolScope Connector for your machine and you install it. You would have to apply the installation instructions for linux for doing that.

    This is generally possible, but implies manual work (manual compilation for a seldom used compilation target), which provokes small mistakes.
  2. You use the ToolScope Connector Version for Windows.

    This is the recommented way.

To do the latter:

  1. ToolScope_Connector.exe and ToolScope_Connector.ini can be used from the installation package for Windows. Copy both files into the \hmisl\oem\sinumerik\hmi\appl directory
  2. Enter the following lines into systemconfiguration.ini. When doing so, note the information relating to numbering provided above.


AREA0501= name:= TSVNCC, process:= TSVNCCOEM


PROC0501= process:=TSVNCCOEM, cmdline:="ToolScope_Connector", oemframe:=true, deferred:=true, windowname:="ToolScope Connector", classname:="TSVNCC"


Operate must then be restarted.