The ToolScope offers you the possibility of retaining alarms. After alarms occur internally, they are hold back some time till an internal timer has expired. If the alarm condition goes away before the timer expires, the alarm is never handed out.

This time span was set to 30ms till Firmware version V9 of the ToolScope. This was meant to reduce false alarms.

Since V10 it is set to "0.0", because the alarm retention led to a not expected behavior from the eyes of some customers.

Configuring the alarm retention / holding back if alarms

The internal setting "RetainAlarmDuration" controls the time, which an alarm is hold back. The time is entered in seconds. There is one setting for each monitoring channel. The counting of the monitoring channels start with "1".

Go to Service > Settings > Other , and set it to a value of your choice. You have to switch monitoring off and on again to enable the new setting.